workshop meb picMy name is Mary Ellen Bratu. I’m a psychologist in a private practice 30 miles west of Chicago. I’m also a practicing artist.  The Well Within Workshop combines my commitment to health and well-being with my love for art-making. Like most folks who make art, I’ve long understood that health and healing are embedded in the act of making anything with one’s hands, recognized by Lynda Barry to be “our original digital devices.” As our post-industrial society moves us further and further away from opportunities to be a maker, I’m happy to offer a place for fellow travelers to come home to themselves through the practice of making art.

The Well Within Workshop will one day be a brick-and-mortar space where folks can visit and art-making can happen. Until then, I hope this blog supports you in committing to spend quality time in the well within workshop that can only be found on that rich parcel of real estate between your mind, your heart and your hands.